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Equality and Diversity Policy

1.1  Sirrond Limited is committed to and working towards equality of opportunity for all.

1.2  Sirrond will not discriminate on grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnicity, gender, HIV status, marital status, social status, nationality, race, religious belief, caring responsibility, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, trade union membership or unrelated criminal conviction. Sirrond will promote equality of access and opportunity for those who suffer unfair treatment on any of these grounds, including those disadvantaged through multiple forms of discrimination.

1.3  Sirrond will work with its partners to eliminate all forms of discrimination and to ensure equality of access to our services. Sirrond welcomes the diverse communities and cultures in London and is committed to working with partners to achieve understanding and co-operation between all groups in the community.

1.4 Sirrond staff and its sub-contractors are responsible for implementing this policy when carrying out their duties and should lead by example whenever possible.

1.5 Sirrond recruitment and selection procedures are conducted by a qualified HR professional and are designed to lead to the appointment of the best person for the job. Sirrond monitors the composition of its workforce to ensure fairness in its employment practices.

1.6 Karen Norris, Sirrond Operations Director and Head of Equality & Diversity, is responsible for monitoring and reviewing this policy

Last Revision November 2013